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Dried Turkey Tail - 1 oz

Dried Turkey Tail - 1 oz

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Dried Turkey Tail fruit bodies, Trametes versicolor.  Our Turkey Tail mushrooms are log grown on Alder, Big-Leaf Maple, and Douglas Fir.  Our trees are harvested using sustainable forest practices.  Log grown mushrooms do not use any plastics and require no added food source or electricity requirement.  It is the most earth-friendly way to grow mushrooms.

The best way to take Turkey Tail is to simmer the fruit bodies on low heat in water for 24 hours.  An alcohol tincture is not recommended.  You can do this very easily by putting 1 ounce of mushrooms in a crockpot set on low with 2 cups of water and letting it simmer until the water reduces by half.  This tea can be stored for up to three days, after which the delicate polysaccharides and beta-glucans will break down.  If you'd like, break the mushroom into 1" pieces, but this step is not necessary.

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